COVID-19 has created a health, economic, and social crisis. Although we cannot resolve most problems created by this virus, we synthesized some resources to help minimize them. 






COVID-19 Testing

  • Determine whether or not your symptoms align with those of COVID-19 here.

  • Find a nearby COVID-19 testing center here.

  • Interpret what your COVID-19 test results mean here.

  • Learn how to protect others if you test positive for COVID-19 here.

  • Protect yourself and others by learning how to make your own cloth mask here.


Support for Daily Tasks

  • Request support for grocery delivery, medication pick-up, tutoring, and more here.

  • Find easy recipes for convenient and everyday cooking here.

  • Uncover hacks on how to save money on your grocery bill here.

  • Look for cleaning products that are effective disinfectants against COVID-19 here.

  • Choose the right food delivery app for takeout here.

  • Read tips on how to making household chores go faster here.

  • Improve your work ethic at home by reading tips here.


Promote a Healthy Mind and Body

  • Get to know effective stress relief activities here.

  • Do free, apartment-friendly (low-impact, minimal equipment, small space) workouts here.

  • Play videos that promote movement and mindfulness for children here.

  • Download and print free coloring pages here.

  • Review the proper protocol before visiting recreational facilities here.

  • Do an easy outside workout to build muscle here.

  • Take a break from the negativity in the news here.


Educational Assistance

  • Explore free online classes and practice sets for topics ranging from economics to the SAT here.

  • Discover fun science experiments using household items for children to do here.

  • Read tips on how to help teach your child at home here.

  • Get eBooks for free or at a reduced cost on sites listed here.

  • Familiarize yourself with the best tips for studying at home here.

  • Sharpen your skills on a foreign language or learn an entirely new one for free here.


Financial Aid

  • Learn more about tax relief and payment changes here.

  • Read into federal resources for financial assistance here.

  • Browse through articles discussing the financial and economic impacts of COVID-19 here.

  • Apply to receive unemployment insurance benefits if eligible using resources from here.

  • Review the changes to medical bills for COVID-19 here.