• Max Eimbinder

Health Insurance in the Times of Coronavirus

Updated: Jul 21, 2020

The Importance of Healthcare

In America, the Coronavirus has ravished the Economy. Before the virus, the Kaiser Family Foundation estimated that approximately 50% of Americans received healthcare through their employer. (Kaiser)

With so many people reliant on their employment as a source of health insurance, one of the most dangerous propositions is the loss of their job. The most recent data from the Department of Labor indicates that 11.1% of the population is unemployed. Coronavirus thrives in locations where people are close together which can make Emergency Rooms much scarier to visit but without health insurance, many are left without access to healthcare. Furthermore, the stresses of the virus have increased the mental health burdens on many people. The need for healthcare is at an all-time high however over 5.4 million Americans no longer have access to healthcare (Levy-Uyeda).

If you recently lost your job what can you do?

Thankfully, you are still able to access your healthcare through Medicaid or through an Affordable Care Act marketplace established in each state. However, some states are not as flexible with these plans as others are. Make sure you apply for the new insurance as soon as possible in order to not have a lapse in any medications. It is illegal for companies to reject you based on any previous conditions.

If you do not have health insurance, how can you access it now?

The federal government established the Affordable Care Act marketplace to make it much easier to purchase insurance. Some states will subsidize different groups above and below the federal poverty line differently. Please check out this website to see what you are eligible for.